PDF Viewer For Google Chrome Browser Introduced

Google rolled out their own PDF Viewer for fastest growing chrome WebBrowser.For a long time all chrome users are expecting this feature in their  browser.Yesterday Google announced PDF viewer for chrome browser beta. Before we cannot view the PDF files without any extension or software in chrome browser window.Now you will be able to read PDF  files inside chrome browser without any additional software or plugins.

Google PDF viewer  got a  built-in an additional layer of security called the sandbox around the viewer to help protect you from malware  and other targeted security attacks on PDF files. In order to view PDF file inside the chrome browser window you need to update to the latest chrome beta release.Download the Google Chrome beta release here.

I checked the chrome Beta version and I found it looks fast and easy,PDF files in chrome  browser window loading much faster than IE. I think your life on the web become more speedy,simple and secure with chrome browser.

Google PDF Viewer

We can expect a stable release for chrome browser with in weeks.I hope you will try out the newly added PDF viewer on chrome and will leave your experience in our comments section.


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