7 Greatly Useful Google Chrome Experimental Features To Enhance Functionality

If you are a regular blogger or the one who uses internet throughout the day then certainly you are well acquainted with one of the coolest web browsers that is Google Chrome. There are indeed other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera but Chrome is gaining popularity for it is endowed with immense features that help you enhance your productivity.

The ultimate range of add-ons/extensions availability and its innovative experimental features in Chrome Labs is making it the best choice among its peer group.

Chrome Experimental Features

I guess lot many of you know what I am talking about but incase you don’t know let me tell you that Chrome Labs is library of great experimental or advanced features that enable you to enhance the power of Google Chrome browser. I am here to discuss in detail about these cool features that I think all you Google Chrome users must know to make its optimum use to enhance your productivity. Let me begin with the steps to follow to enable the experimental features in Chrome Labs before  listing down the great experimental features to make your browser more productive and easy to use.

Steps to follow to enable experimental features in Google Chrome’s Labs :

1. Type flags into Chrome’s address bar.

2. The above step will will open up list of all features that are available for your operating system and Chrome built. Click on “Enable” link and restart the browser.

Just follow these easy steps and begin using the cool experimental features. Check out some of the best features that you can enable to enhance the power of Google Chrome browser.

Here, I would like to point out that every Chrome Labs is might not be available for Windows and Mac versions of Chrome. Some might be available only for Windows while some others might work in Mac only and there are some features that work with both Mac and Windows.

1. Tab Overview (Mac)

Swiping down with three fingers on your trackpad lets you see an overview of all your tabs. It displays all tabs in thumbnails, just click on any one and you will be on that tab. It doesn’t work with Apple’s Magic Mouse due to some bug in the experimental feature.

2. Side Tabs (Windows)

Side tabs is one of the oldest Chrome Labs and very useful for Windows. It will allow you to move tabs to the side saving useful vertical real state space by enabling this lab.

3. Click To Play (Windows, Mac)

Earlier available in Chrome dev and Canary builds, ‘Click To Play’ feature is now available in regular Chrome as well. This Lab will enable an option in Chrome plug-in settings to play YouTube videos, music on demand. This feature is really useful when some plug-ins play automatically that might be annoying.

4. Print Preview (Windows, Mac)

Users can enable Print Preview feature in Chrome Labs. This will enable you to print any page, and see print preview within the tab as to how the page will look like before finally printing.

5. Compact navigation (Windows)

Compact navigation lab is useful for the users who wish to enjoy more space in their space. It hides the Chrome Omnibar and allows you to work more freely in Google Chrome.

6. Focus Existing Tab On Open (Windows, Mac)

This lab allows you to prevent duplicate tab opening by focusing on the already opened tab that contains same URL that you are trying and will not open it.

7. Block all third parties cookies (Windows, Mac)

With the ‘Block all third parties cookies’ you can block third-party cookies from from being read.

Aren’t these experimental features in Google Chrome’s Labs worth enabling? Share your viewpoint with us by dropping in the comment below.

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