Google Chrome Browser Become Smarter By Fixing Security Issues

Google fixed seven critical security issues Google chrome, world’s fastest Growing going browser.Google want their chrome Browser security laps to be fixed just before the black hat security conference begins I think they just done it before they planned. The new version of Google Chrome 5.0.375.125 has been released now.


On July 26th Jason Kersey from Google chrome posted about the stable version of Google Chrome with bugs fixed. These bugs are kept private until majority of the Google Chrome users are up to date with the fix. Google paid two $1,337 each for Mr. Marc Schoenefeld and Mr. Simon Berry-Byrne for fixing two critical vulnerabilities on Google Chrome and $500 each for other four persons who fixed two medium and high issues on chrome.

If you find some vulnerability with chrome Browser just report it @ Once your bug being selected you will be rewarded with a maximum of $ 3133.7 for single bugs report from this July onwards.

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