7 Best Chrome Extensions To Make You More Productive

Chrome was developed by Google way back in 2008 as a free web browser and today it has some 30% users worldwide as per the stats available through some reliable sources. In the month of December, 2099 Google Chrome came out with some 300 extensions which were increased to over 11,500 extensions by 4th February, 2011. These extensions come armed with various features which help the user by increasing their productivity and also other areas.

Some of the Chrome extensions which help in increasing one’s productivity are mentioned below:

Nanny for Chrome

This extensions works like a “virtual nanny” by keeping a track of things one does and websites on which one is spending time on. Using this extension you can block some websites and also ensure that the user is not wasting time on wrong websites.

Stay Focused

This extension helps a person to stay focussed on their work by putting a time limit on the amount of time one spends on a certain website. For example if one wants to take small break and spend some time on one of the social networking websites than a time limit can be set. Once the time lapses, the page will be blocked for the full day.

Tab Packager

The tab packager is handy for people who need to have multiple tabs open while they are working. The tab packager helps by collecting all the tabs in a single page and the same page can be saved for future reference.

Split Screen

The split screen extension is of great help for someone who is working on two web pages at the same time. This extension will help by splitting the screen into two (not literally) and you will have both the web pages side by side thus improving your productivity and saving precious time.

Time tracker

Time tracker is another greatly effective tool which helps a user by keeping the track of time that one spends on a particular website. Such tracking will help a disciplined person to understand on which website they are spending more time they require and thus help them in monitoring the same effectively.

Write Space

This extension, write space, works as a personal editor which is available virtually. This extension will help the user by improving the speed of one’s writing by removing whatever distractions there are available online. This is also comes with a feature which will auto save your work so that in case your computer crashes down or any issue happens with your computer than you won’t have to fret over the work that you had written as all that will be auto saved.

Session Buddy

This is one great virtual secretary that you need while working online. This extension will help you by organising all the tabs that you’re working on and will arrange them into a simple list, while ensuring that in cash of your chrome getting crashed this extension will help restore maximum 10 tabs that were open at one time.

Thus it can be safely concluded that Google Chrome while providing us with one of the best available free web browser also comes with added features and extensions which helps us in doing our work more effectively and also helps in increasing our and our team’s productivity. Most of these extensions are free to download and do not take too much space on your computer. Thus these are the best bet one can place while using the chrome web browser and finishing of their work on time without spending time on non productive items.

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