How to Create a Google Friend Connect widget for your blog

With Google Friend connect you can create a community around your blog or website and you can make user registration and newsletter subscription so simple with Google friend connect.More over with Google Friend Connect you can encourage activities including commenting ,rating ,sharing on your blog.

All you need is go to Google Friend Connect and sign in with your Google account. Once you loged in you will get a Dashboard where you can add your Website or blog.By default your blogger blogs that you maintaining through your Google ID will be add to your left side of your dashboard.

Google Friend Connect

While adding your website make sure you selected your default blog language.After getting a succesfuly added message  you can now create the gadget for your blog/website.Click on “add members gadget” to get started.

web  design

Now look on customizing your Google friend connect widget ,You can easily customize your gadget properties including gadget size ,Link,Text Colours etc .

Google Friends connect

Once you are statisfied with your design just click on Generate Code.You are done it .Now just copy the code and pate in to your blog or website where you want to show the Google friends Widget.

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