No more Gmail overload! Use Gmail priority inbox

I think it was in may2010, I wrote a post regarding E-mail overload.Now the same concept you can use right inside Gmail with out any additional application.

Are you getting hundreds of mails to your Gmail inbox per day? Google Gmail Priority Inbox helps you get through it simply by putting the most important mail at the top of your inbox. It is going to remove the Gmail overload. Gmail Priority inbox will take care your mails automatically by organizing important mails for you.

Gmail already have a good spam filtering facility to filter the spam mails but nowadays we all getting some of the unwanted mails to our inbox, Gmail priority inbox will be handy in these situations. In new Gmail Priority inbox Gmail will automatically flag important mails for you by categorizing the important people you mailed and favorite people you chat most of the time in Gmail. If Gmail Priority inbox doing any false positive you can use the    buttons to correctly mark a conversation as important or not.

You can customize Gmail Priority inbox by using filters and marking them as important. If you are not happy with Gmail Priority Inbox you can switch to the older normal inbox instantly by clicking “Inbox” on the left side or you can hide Priority Inbox inside Gmail Settings. Many more features in Gmail are presently in beta stage. Wait for much more to come.

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