Google Instant ,YouTube Instant and now check out iTunes Instant

You all may be now experienced Google Instant.Google took years for launching their Google Instant and now they planning Real page preview.Okie, let me come back to iTunes Instant.Soon after Google launched their service we heard about YouTube Instant from Feross Aboukhadijeh. Feross setup YouTube Instant with in 3 hours and become popular in no time.

It was in the second week of september when “Stephen Ou” striked with iTunes Instant all got surprised.Stephen Ou is a 15-year-old student come entrepreneur and the inventor of iTunes Instant .You can cath him on .  Stephen got inspired from these Instant Boom and it leads to the born of  iTunes Instant.


I think Stephen Ou made an excellent job here making iTunes search more easy.Those who stuck with searching iTunes website may try Instant I Tunes.Check out iTunes Instant Right here.

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