A Quick Guide On How To Download Torrents On Your iOS Device

If you work on a computer, you have probably never even paid a second thought to downloading torrents. You have just gotten yourself a mu-torrent tool at some point of time, and now you just visit your favorite torrent sites, click on the movie or book you need, and your torrent starts downloading automatically. Things are not so simple when it comes to downloading torrents on your iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device.

While it is true that there are several softwares and apps that let you download torrents on your iOS device, it cannot be ignored that these apps are so complicated that they might take up a good part of your day, and will probably run into some error or the other. So is there no simple way in which a torrent file can be downloaded on to an Apple device. Just relax, sit back, and allow us to take you through the steps one by one, for the easiest way to get torrents on iOS.

1. Jailbreak your iOS device

If you have an Apple device, you are probably familiar with the concept of jailbreaking, even if you haven’t done it yet. Jailbreaking means to break the restrictions imposed by Apple on each device, for downloading third party apps. There are several tutorials all over the net showing you how to jailbreak your device.

Jailbreak your iOS device

2. Download iTransmission

Cydia apps are apps for jailbroken iOS devices, as opposed to apps available on iTunes or Apple stores. Download the iTransmission Cydia app. iTransmission is absolutely free, and it works on all iOS versions including iOS 5. Once you have downloaded the app, you will find that a minuscule icon has attached itself to the springboard.

3. Search for your torrent file on Safari

Open Safari search engine, and search for the torrent you are searching, by giving the movie/ book/ TV show name, and the word ‘torrent’ select the most appropriate torrent file by checking size, seeds, leeches, and most importantly, language and feedback from other downloaders, which will tell you about the quality of the file you are about to download.

4. Copy the address

Select the address of the .torrent file by tapping twice on the address bar. Be sure you have copied the complete address of the torrent file, as you will need to paste it onto the app next.

5. Launch the app

Now that you have copied the address of the torrent file on to the clipboard, go to the home screen and launch the iTransmission app.

6. Operate the app.

You will see a tiny + sign on the bottom left corner of the app window. Click that + sign and select URL from the menu that pops up

Operate the app

7. Paste the address

And finally the complete address of the torrent file that you copied in step 4 has to be pasted in the URL window.

8. Wait for the torrent to download.

That is it. You are done. Now just sit back, keep your device on, and wait for the torrent to download. How long it takes depends on your connectivity.

iTransmission is really easy to use, and it has stop and pause buttons just like a computer torrent software. The downloaded files are stored in the ‘/var/mobile/Documents’ folder. They can be extracted from here easily.

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