Top 10 Great Sites To Download Useful Free Scripts

Client-side scripting are a type of computer programs on the internet that are executed by the user’s web browser, i.e. client side, instead of on the web server, or server side. Client side scripting means that the code is executed on the user’s device rather than on the server. Client side scripting has one major benefit; it is supported by HTML, no matter which language the script is written in. Developers can make use of these scripts to embellish or improve their HTML documents in a number of extremely effective ways.

Scripting is an excellent method to produce HTML pages that are dynamic, and it is also helpful in increasing the interactive level of a website. So if you want to make your website fun, interesting, and mutually interactive, all you need to do is download some appropriate scripts from the internet. Several sites offer scripts for download, so we have compiled a list of ten of the very best sites to download scripts from.

1. The Script Library

As the name suggests, this site is a library of scripts, but it is the sheer number of scripts that will leave you gasping. At last count, Script Library has 10887 scripts in a multitude of languages such as Powershell, VBScript, Javascript, Perl, Python and others.

The Script Library

2. PHP Junkyard

PHP Junkyard is one of the most popular sites for PHP developers. If you are in need of some original PHP scripts, this site will have it right there for you, and for free, too. Moreover, in PHP Junkyard you can find tutorials on PHP, third party solutions, and various other PHP resources.

3. GScripts

Gscripts is yet another collection of free PHP scripts such as PHP Forum, PHP e-Commerce, CMS, and many such open source scripts. An excellent feature of this site is that it lets you test the script of your choice before you download it, thus saving you a load of time. GScripts has more than 48 content management systems that can be used as a base for the PHP/ MYSQL site

4. Perl Scripts Java Scripts

If you are in need of scripts written in Perl or Java, you will probably be able to find what you are looking for in the Perl Scripts Java Scripts website. By all accounts, the scripts on this site are of good quality and have been tested meticulously. If you wish to avail of their facilities, you need to fill in a form, agree to the terms and conditions, and finally you will be sent the code chosen by you through email.

5. Script Dungeon

This website is a directory of PHP scripts, ASP scripts, Java Scripts, and various other tools and utilities, all of which happen to be absolutely free. Anybody can submit a script to Script Dungeon, even you, but each submitted script undergoes rigorous quality testing before it is made open for download. New scripts are uploaded daily, so there is no shortage of good scripts at this site.

6. Hot Scripts

Nearly 50,000 resources are listed on the HotScripts site, in over 1000 categories, and languages including Ajax, ASP, C, C++, CMFL, CGI, Perl, Flash, HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, XML, and Ruby on Rails, and various other tools and utilities.

Hot Scripts

7. CGI Script

The scripts at this website are not all free; some of them have to be purchased. But they are available at a really affordable price. Moreover, there are several free CGI scripts, PHP scripts, and Javascripts to choose from even if you are not keen to spend money. The programs are user friendly, easy to learn, and simple to install.

8. Script Copy

If you are desiring to automate your website, or make it superbly interactive, the type of PHP scripts you will need are all available in a single directory at the Script Copy site. What is more, this site makes helpful suggestions and recommendations to let you decide which script will actually suit your purpose.

9. Sitescripts

Another source of awesome and exciting scripts is the Sitescript site, which has a library of over 6000 free scripts in all the common languages such as PHP, ASP, and Perl. Even less common languages such as ColdFusion, in which scripts are not readily available in many of the sites mentioned here, can be found on Sitescripts.

10. Scripts

The site that takes the cake for the most humongous number of scripts available for free download is the simply named Scripts site, with a whopping number of 15,000 scripts in one place. The scripts are written in all sorts of languages such as ASP, Java, and ColdFusion.

Hope you find these sites useful! Let us know if you come across any more great sites for downloading scripts.

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