How To Test New Gadgets For A Month Before You Buy Them

One of the main reasons buying high end electronic products makes people nervous is that there is really no fool proof way to know if the gadget you are about to buy will actually be suitable for you. Think about it, when you buy a phone or a tablet from a store, you only get a few minutes to handle the device before you have to make a snap decision of whether you want it or not. It is actually worse in the case of people who prefer shopping online, as they have to decide on the basis of the attributes and reviews written by other people, without even having seen the device.


Also, even if your friendly neighborhood gadget store lets you fiddle with a product for an hour or so before they insist you buy it, remember that the same product has been touched and handled by hundreds of other customers. If you look carefully, you can even see the smudges of their fingerprints on the screen. Totally grosses you out, doesn’t it? Not only is it disgusting, but also highly unhygienic.

This is why YBuy, a gadget rental service, has come up with an interesting plan. It lets you borrow brand new gadgets that have just been introduced in the market, for a month, for a ridiculously low rate of $25. So before you buy a new electrical gadget, you can actually use it for a month, by paying a nominal fee, and then finalizing your decision about whether you want it or not. This is a great option for those who are torn between two devices, or are really tempted to buy an expensive device, but not certain if it will be useful for them

Each device that is rented out to a customer is either new, or has been refurbished and sanitized by the manufacturers after the last use, so you can be sure you are not carrying other people’s germs in your pocket. With this new feature, we are pretty certain that physical showrooms for gadgets will soon go out of fashion. Who on earth will want to travel to a store, wait in line, chose from a showcase, hold their chosen device and just stare at it for a few minutes under the false glare of store lights and the eyes of the shop assistant, and then fork out thousands of bucks to pay for it without any idea of whether it will be good for them or not. Especially since the alternative is here, and you can have a month long test drive with one or more devices that you are considering for purchase, without having to leave your room.

If you have been confused about buying the new iPad, or going for a cheaper earlier model, we have good news. YBuy will stock the new iPads starting next month. But like most newly released products, it is likely to be stocked in insuffiecient numbers, so many clients may have to wait for weeks before they get their pieces. This is why it might be a good idea for you to sign up at YBuy and add your name to the waiting list as soon as possible.

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