How To Find Your Lost Or Stolen Camera

Cameras are the important gadget that each one of us loves to carry for special occasion or when we are out on vacation. Even if you are not the professional photographer, surely you are cautious about the gadget as these do not come for small amount.

Imagine one day you are out for a vacation and you by chance forget your camera or lose it. Mere thought of it is sure to give you all goose bumps. We all believe that if by any chance we lose our laptops or mobiles, it is easy to track them down as technology does the needful but as far as cameras are concerned there is no such technology that can help us locate them. I beg to differ with you if you believe so for today’s smart cameras come with a kind of technology that will not leave you shocked instead help you locate your gadget and get it back.


Now a days, the techie cameras come with hidden GPS locator tucked in. All you got to do is pen down the serial number off your camera and you can track it down at any point anywhere through internet. There are few websites that enable the users to track their stolen/lost camera without much fuss.

Scroll down more if you wish to know about these websites. Spare some time out to read about such websites and few simple steps needed to track down the cameras.

How serial numbers can help you track your camera?

The hi-tech cameras of today carry the serial numbers that are unique from the others. Also, these cameras embed the serial number on images they take. The person who has taken your camera will certainly click pictures and if at all that person uploads some images on the web, you can easily track down your camera.

The serial numbers are usually included in the metadata with which every picture taken by the camera is tagged. Flickr, Photobucket, Google+ and other similar websites retain and record this metadata when the photos are uploaded.

Websites To Track Your Lost or Stolen Camera

1. GadgetTrak Serial Search

Collecting the unique serial numbers from the images available on the web, the GadgetTrak Serial Search website helps people track their lost/stolen cameras, the website asks you to enter a camera’s serial number and see if your photos register.

Incase you don’t know the serial number

Incase you didn’t note down the serial number then too you can track the camera. Just right click on one of the photos you had taken from that camera and click on EXIF details to look for the’ Serial number’.

GadgetTrakiPhone App

As the name hints, the GadgetTrak App is available for iPhone users.

2. StolenCameraFinder by Matt Burns

StolenCameraFinder also asks the users to enter the unique Serial number. You can also track your camera incase you don’t have the serial number. All you have to do is drag and drop a JPG photo taken with your lost camera, and Stolen Camera Finder will look for matches on the web using the image’s EXIF data. Incase you don’t have pictures taken from the stolen/lost camera, enter the serial number manually or check the serial number on the original box the camera came in, or on a guarantee/warranty certificate.

These cool websites not only ensure track backing your camera but also let you see if anyone is misusing your images on the web without your consent. These are the coolest websites that to the best of my knowledge help user track their stolen/ lost camera which otherwise would be difficult to get back.

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