How To Create Live CD For Windows OS And Use After That

Live CD are amazing, it is an integrated bootable operating system for a computer system which installs in the memory of computer through a DVD or USB Drive without installing it in your computer system, it offers you to run your desired operation on any computer system and becomes handy to recover a system.

It is such a great thing because Live CD allows you to boot the computer system from a CD-ROM and performs various operations and functions on your system. Such Live CD’s are best for fixing problems, recovering your installed Data, or to have a customize desktop at your disposal when you are out of reach.

Live CD For Windows

The concept of Live CDs is very often for the Linux OS but it is not common for Windows. Here, we will demonstrate you how to make a Windows Live CD.

To make a Live CD, you need certain tools

  • Bart PE

  • Windows installation CD

Steps to create Live CD:

  1. First, download the latest version of Bart PE and install it.

  2. To add additional functions you can use plug-ins. Plug-ins are nothing but a special way to add additional software into your Live CD.

  3. To achieve our aim, we need Windows XPE; it is a GUI environment which makes your creation of Live CD easy.

  4. Now insert Windows installation CD and point PE Builder to the DVD/CD drive containing the Windows Installation CD.

  5. Choose the plug-ins button at the bottom. This permits you to add more software and tweak the already present software or plug-ins

If you get an error, then there is a chance that the provided path is not correct.

  1. Click ‘add’ and select the desired location to store. Thus, we are using XPE plug-ins; it is safe to disable the Nu2shell, PENETCFG and A43 plug-in.

  2. Click ‘close’. Now you can burn a disc or save an ISO File for testing which can be burn later. Click ‘build’ and PE builder will get to run.

  3. If the burning process accomplished without any error, means you have create a live cd.

Now after the successfully completion of Live CD, here are some top uses for a Live Disk:

To try a new Operating System

If you get bored of having the one OS since long time and want to switch to other OS, then with the Live Disk you can taste the new Operating System without any hassles. Live CDs are built for this special purpose. Download an image and boot it to test a new OS.

Recover Data

Are you disabling to run your system properly? Something wrong with the PC?

No problem … you can easily recover you’re your lost or corrupt data easily by booting a Live CD to access the files.

Bypass Windows passwords and permissions

Suppose that you wish to recover a file and you are not permit to access that file only because they are stored in a protected account and you lost/forgot the password.

But Live CD allows you to access any file or folder, regardless of any permission.

Diagnose you System’s Hard Disk

To detect and diagnose any trouble with your hard drive, run the disk checking ability to view all info regarding the disc.

Check-up Hardware

With the Boot CD, you can test wide variety of hardware and detect the problem very comfortably.

Crack Windows Passwords

To crack a password, there is special little Live Disk called ‘Ophcrack’. It works with Win XP/Vista/7.

Scan your System

Live Disk provides an opportunity to use an infected computer easily and you can also boot your system with BitDefender Live Disk to scan your computer system.

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