How To Remove Spyware From Your Windows PC

Internet is an excellent source of entertainment and knowledge but at the same time it has a good collection of viruses and malware. And if you access internet through Windows OS then your system is even more vulnerable to virus attacks. Spyware is one of the deadliest viruses from which you should stay as far as possible. Here in this article you would get to know how you could eliminate viruses as well as spyware easily.


Here are the steps for the elimination of spyware from your system-

  • If you suspect that you computer has been infected with any kind of malware then immediately disconnect your computer from every kind of network it is connected with. The network could be internet LAN, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Immediately create a back up of all the important files on the system. You can take the help of a back-up software or either you can create a back up manually by burning all the files onto a compact disc or by copying them in an external hard disk like pen drive.
  • Use a utility program like Safe Mode which could prevent the spyware from running on your system. This thing is very important as there are some spyware which are auto starting or auto starting. You can make the use of additional programs to go about this step.
  • Check out the files under “My Network Places” and delete any suspect files you see there.
  • Reboot your system again to a safe mode. Again look for any kind of errors or bugs in association with spyware. There could be some viruses which could have attacked your system in addition to the spyware.
  • You can also try uninstalling the spyware from the “add/remove” tab from your system’s control panel. Look for any suspected program or utility tool name in the list of the programs installed and remove or uninstall it.
  • Check out the firewall settings. Make sure that the Firewall is turned on.
  • With the help of a good antivirus program scan your entire had disk for any kind of viruses and spyware in case you overlooked them in the previous steps.
  • Reboot your system again and check everything again in case you missed something before.

Here are some additional tips which would help you prevent your system from spyware and malware-

1) Instead of using the default browser of Windows which is Internet Explorer, use Mozilla Firefox instead as it is more secure to be used.

2) At any point of time you feel that your system is affected with virus or spyware then you can always make the use of the restore feature which is in-built in the system. With it you can restore your system to an earlier date.

3) Always make sure that the Firewall is working well. Firewall is greatly helpful in blocking unwanted or malicious programs from making changes to your system without asking your permission. With Firewall installed even if a spyware or malware is already present then also it cannot submit your personal information stored on the system.

4) Whenever new Windows updates are available you make sure that you install them. With new updates your computer system’s protection features are bolstered and it is safer.

So, these were some really good and useful tips and techniques with which you can make your computer system safe from any kinds of malware and spyware. By implementing these tips you can easily kick out the spyware from your system and can make sure that it never comes back again.

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