How to Bring Back the Old Windows XP style to Windows 7 Start Menu

Are you new to Windows 7? Don’t like the start menu look on your Windows 7 computer? No problem now! Now you can switch back to that old classic windows XP start menu style on your Windows 7.

“Start menu Xp” is a free utility that makes the list of programs “drop out” just like it did in Windows XP. “Start Menu XP” help you to save screen space and find the necessary programs faster. In order to get old Windows XP style to Windows 7 Start Menu you have to download “Start menu Xp” and install it on your Windows 7 Computer.


Download “Start menu Xp” from here.

“Start menu Xp” is a handy utility  which will allow you to bring back the Classic Windows XP menu to Windows 7. Once you run the executable “Start menu Xp” will switch back to Classic.

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