4 best features that impressed me towards windows 7

No Question ,windows 7 will be the best operating system ever build by Microsoft. Windows 7 released back in sep 2009.With this post I am sharing the best features in windows 7 that impressed me alot.

1. Blue Ray support

Windows 7 comes up with a native read and writes function for Blue-Ray disc. The future media format will be Blue Ray, May be it will take time to come in mainstream.

2. Stream media files

One of the best feature that I see on windows 7, the in-built windows 7 media player supports more media formats more over now you can new stream media files with in windows 7 media player more over you can stream from your local network or even from internet.

3. Reduced and much faster booting

Windows 7 will boot much faster than any other windows operating systems and some Linux dist. It shows that windows 7 and its components are well designed.

4. Windows Xp mode

Most of the applications run smoothly on new windows 7, but there are chances that some application fails to start in windows 7 due to the incompatibility. Microsoft comes up with windows xp mode .This makes you run a full functional windows xp from your new windows 7 computer.

I know there are too many other features on windows 7 ,I hope you will add it in our comments section.

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