How To Install Windows Movie Maker In Windows 8 or 8.1

Windows movie maker is one of the most widely used application in all windows os platforms except mobile and may of you may be already used it in different versions of windows.

There are many third party applications now offering the similar features of movie maker but those who addicted to movie maker can’t get a better application because of the easy of use and simplicity it offers to the users.

Microsoft’s Movie Maker makes splicing home videos super fast and no any professional skill required to do the same, that’s why many users still preferring windows movie maker.

Now if you upgraded your system to the latest windows 8 or windows 8.1 you may be looking for the windows movie maker application but may be you will not find it any where? So where it gone? Did Microsoft stopped the service? The answer is “NO”. Then where it is hiding?

Movie maker is available along with essential package. You can install it by downloading the Microsoft windows essential package or just directly from the official Microsoft link. Windows essential comes with many windows features such as Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, OneDrive, Family Safety, Mail, Writer. Choose what you want to install and neglect others.

Step 1: Go to Microsoft official website to download movie maker.


Step 2: Download the package and double click to install it on your windows 8 or windows 8.1

Step 3: Once the installation start select “choose the programs you want to install”.

Microsoft Windows Essentials

Step 4: Select Photo Gallery and movie maker then click next.

Install Windows Movie Maker

Once finish. Start creating awesome home movies!!

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