How to add password protection to PDF file

Now a days Privacy is a big concern,Now most of the electronic device support PDF reading ability.I hope you may be using Adobe or other free PDF readers to view your PDF file online.These days most of the Online people save their personal and critical  information in PDF format.Now the Question comes ,Is it secure ? Unfortunately  you will get an answer No.

If you are using Adobe may be you aware of Powerful Encryption tools to secure your PDF file But you have to pay for these encryption service From adobe.Here comes a free utility site  where you can protect your PDF file  with in seconds.

Step 1 : Go to PDF protect and choose your PDF file that you want to protect

Step 2 : Now set the prefered password in the provided interface.Always use a combination of letters and numbers.

Step 3 : Click on protect to secure your PDF file and with in seconds you will get your Password Protected PDF file for download.

protect pdf file

Those who use PDF file regularly will get benefited from PDF protect.I already added it to  Bookmark.Let me know what do you think,Also share your experience with PDF Protect.


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