Way2SMS.com : Send Free SMS To Any Mobile In India

Way2sms is one of the best free SMS service provider to any mobiles in india.Way2Sms  holds the credit for india’s first web operator to provide free SMS service to any mobile in the country.

Way2sms presently tops our list of best free sms service providers to india and it got more than 20 million registered users and it is the  5th largest most visited domestic property in India.One more advantage I found on Way2sms is their UI. Way2sms got the best user  interface compared to other operators in India.


Way2Sms delivering more than 500 million messages every month and having very high redundancy ratio compared to similar operators in the country.Way2sms supports all the network providers in india including GSM and CDMA.Way2SMS allow 140 characters foruser messages and 20 characters are used by the company itself for informing the sms receiver that the message being send form Way2sms.com

Way2Sms  holds the credit for superfast sms delivery.Most of the sms messages send instantly,95% of the sms you send using way2sms are delivered within 10 seconds and all the way2sms users will get an e-mail alert when it’s delivered.

You can register on way2sms with your mobile number and email ID.Go to the way2sms registration form right here to sign up and send free sms to any mobile in india.I think the below official video will give you some more idea on sending free sms to mobile phones in india.

Way2sms also allows you to send messages from your GPRS enabled mobile device using the wap website of way2sms.Means you can send short messages to any of your friends in india for free of cost if you have internet enabled on your mobile phone.Users can visit the wap version of way2sms website http://wap.way2sms.com ;It is specially designed for mobile phones.Mobile way2sms users can also use the same web account that they created before with way2sms.com

Way2sms also offering premium services, that include 160 characters messages with your name or organisation label displayed instead of the 10 digit numbers and if you wish you can schedule the messages for a particular occasion or time by creating alerts,notifications etc.

Way2sms also offering the best privacy ; if users wish not to receive any messages from way2sms then they can send an email to support@way2sms.com with subject as “Block Way2SMS messages from a particular Mobile” ;if you wish not to receive any message from a particular number only or “Block all messages from Way2SMS to my Mobile”.to completely block all messages from way2sms.com.

Way2sms also got client softwares for your windows,Mac,Linux computers and mobile applications for android and Java enabled phones.if you wish you can download it from below links.

Download Way2sms desktop application from here.

Download Way2sms android  application from here.

Download Way2sms Java application from here.

If you have any other questions or queries or problems on way2sms such as not receiving the registration code,sign in issues etc,then you can simply ask for the support by sending an email  @ support@way2sms.com.Way2sms got lot of nice people onboard and  they will help you round the clock.

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