Hashpix: Now You Can Sell Your Instagram Photos!

Instagram, as most people know, is one of the largest platforms for sharing photos. The app itself can be used to take photographs, edit them using digital filters, and share them with your followers. On social networking sites. In fact, Instagram has its own social network, which people join to exclusively share and look at beautiful pictures. The only pity was that these amateur photographers with professional skills had no way to sell their Instagram photos to their fans. This is where Hashpix comes in. This recently launched website proposes to sell your Instagram photos to the public, charging only a minor percentage of your selling price as its fees.


But remember, you cannot just create an Instagram account and rush off to sell your photos. Hashpix doesn’t just accept any photographer. You have to first build up a reputation as an experienced Instagram user, you have to build up a fan base that regularly view and comment on your photographs, and then you can apply to Hashpix, and they will consider admitting you.

But once you’ve been admitted, it’s a completely cost free and hassle free way to sell your pictures to your fans. The site provides all processing, packing, and shipping, deals with returns and shipping problems, and will pay you 70% of the profits after printing costs have been deducted. Payments are made via paypal on a monthly basis.


But it is not just photographers who should be excited by Hashpix. If you are a person who loves beautiful photographs, and if you have ever sighed over an Instagram picture, wishing it were yours, Hashpix resolves your problem by letting you purchase and legally own your favourite photographs.

While it is unfortunately true that too many people just use these photographs without any concern about ownership, buying a photo off Hashpix means you will be able to use these pictures on your blog, your website, and even your bedroom wall, in an ethical way, without any fingers being pointed at you.

Moreover, if you want your favorite picture to be on your coffee mug, your t-shirt, or even on a card that you want to send to a friend, you don’t need to get it printed somewhere else after you buy it. Apart from prints, Hashpix will also be selling photo based merchandise such as printed mugs, t-shirts, postcards, calendars, and a variety of other items that make for brilliant gift ideas. You can also get your print laminated, mounted, or fitted on canvas, if you want to use it as a wall hanging.

Hashpix has already started selling photographs by some of the most popular Instagram users, who are reputed to have a total of more than 800,000 fans all over the net. We suggest you rush to buy your favorite pictures as soon as they open the selling forum, before some other fan snaps them up.

hashpix App

And if you are a photographer on Instagram, and you are confident of your popularity, don’t miss this opportunity to get a price for your art. Send in your applications to Hashpix and earn a substantial amount of money from your hobby. All the very best!


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