Top 10 News Photo Blogs You Are Going To Love

In any sort of article, it is the photos that grab eyeballs more than anything else. But this is more true of news blogs or news sites, because a photo in a news article can summaries the entire article and give the casual reader an exact feel of what the article is about. Photo journalists take the most amazing photographs every day, and indeed, some of the most iconic photos of our times are all news photos.

So perhaps you subscribe to some news sites, but it may be worth your time to subscribe to a couple of good news photo blogs as well. It will ensure that you get a daily dose of photographs from all around the world that are impressive and informative. A picture can tell you more about a war or a famine in a distant country than a 3000 word article can. It can convey disaster, success, human suffering, and change in a better way than any other medium.

Fortunately, today, most news networks have their own photo blogs, to showcase the amazing pictures their correspondents take from all over the globe. Some news photo blogs even feature selected images sent by their readers. So if we have gotten you all excited about the world of news photo blogs, join us as we take you through a list of ten of the very best of them.

1. BBC: News In Photos

This photo site from BBC has several excellent features, such as the Day in Pictures section, which has a photo for every hour of the day, and also features by photo editors and photo journalists who recount their adventures.

BBC: News In Photos

2. Wall Street Journal: Photo Journal

The Wall Street Journal has some really impressive photos, particularly from developing countries. It operates like a typical blog, with a single post every day that contains all the photos of the day.

3. Boston Photo Blog

This blog combines textual news and jumbo size photographs to get its point across. The leading picture could be related to a current news topic, or any other random topic.

Boston Photo Blog

4. The New York Times: Lens

The dark theme of this blog provides the perfect background to the beautiful and soul stirring pictures taken by The New York Times team from around the world. The blog is minimalist and uncluttered.

5. Reuters: Pictures

The Reuters website is cluttered with all sorts of advertisements and product placements, but the photos themselves are excellent and evocative, handpicked by Reuter’s own editorial team. The photos are beautifully categorized.

Reuters: Pictures

6. Tampa Bay Times: All Eyes

We are a fan of the huge and extremely well edited photographs and the Tampa Bay Times photo blog. The pictures are quite sufficient and not much text is needed or provided. The only problem we have with the site is how infrequently they update. The photo shown below has been on the front page since May 8 till date.

7. The Sacramento Bee: The Frame

Yet another site that is guilty of irregular updating, The Sac Bee’s photo blog still has a lot of nuggets to offer. The slides in particular are quite fascinating.

The Sacramento Bee: The Frame

8. Denver Post: Plog

The word Plog stands for Photo + Blog, and while it sounds downright ridiculous, there is no denying that Denver Post’s photo blog has some wonderful pictures in its collection.

9. The Star Photo Blog

The Star combines huge, beautifully filtered pictures in combination with textual magazine length articles. The pictures are so lovely that they are worth preserving.

10. Statesman: Collective Vision

Another blog with a black background, the photo blog of Statesman provides one delightful picture after the other, each with its own caption.

Statesman: Collective Vision

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