Pinterest Tip : How To Find Out Your Items Are On Sale

Most of us know Pinterest as a cool new social sharing medium, which lets us put up images we find interesting, and also go look at images other people, friends, or strangers have put up. Restricted use of text and the power it gives people to browse images at their leisure is what is making Pinterest such an amazing success in such a short period of time. People put up pictures of their pets and other cute animals, of the places they have visited, of the interesting people they know, and most popularly, of the food they eat and how to cook it.

But I bet you did not know or imagine that a group of people also use Pinterest as a shopping list, unless of course, you are one of those people yourselves. It is not so crazy actually. Shopaholics, particularly those who like to shop online, prefer to keep a tab on the items they would like to buy in the near or far future. They also like sharing their shopping lists with their friends and taking feedback from them. Pinterest helps them to do both. Whenever they see a dress or shoes that they like, they can simply add it to their board on Pinterest. When their fellow shopaholic friends come online, they can check out the board and let the original pinner know what they think. They can even take an item they like and add it to their own boards.


Now if you are one of these awesome shopping lovers, I congratulate you upon finding such an innovative use of a social medium. But I have some news for you as well. Now you can use your Pinterest board to know when an item you have pinned is on sale. Isn’t that brilliant? Now Pinterest can give you sales alert as well.

The tool, or rather the website that will help you do this is called Lyst. The concept of Lyst is not too different from that of Pinterest, you still have to find photos and pin them to your boards (known as lysts here) here as well. But Lyst is available solely for the purpose of shopping, particularly shopping for fashion. Lyst lets you follow fashion stores, fashion designers, fashion magazines, and even your friends, to create your own shopping ‘lyst’ by adding items from them. Whenever one of the items you have added goes on sales, Lyst sends you a notification mail. It’s a handy tool, but unfortunately not yet very popular.


You have the option of connecting your Pinterest account to Lyst. Once you do that, whenever any item you add to your Pinterest board gets discounted, you receive an intimation, provided that the said item is also on Lyst’s index. So you can combine Lyst’s unique feature with Pinterest’s versatility.

This feature is only available for fashion products and accessories, so if you list books, furniture, or home décor, you will not be able to reap its benefit. It’s onbly for those people who seek clothes, shoes, and accessories.

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