View Dictionary meaning of any word on any website

Today I will show you a simple extension for Google Chrome browser,with this extension you can view dictionary meaning of any word on any website.This extension is coming from Google Itself.

To use this extension you need Google Chrome browser on your computer.If you don’t have chrome installed on your computer please install it from here.Once you finished installation you need to install Google dictionary extension from here.


Now select any word or any text on any webpage and click on Google dictionary extension.A small pop up window will show you the meaning and definitions of the selected word.Google dictionary extension presently support 11 languages.If you are not preferring to use chrome browser don’t worry  still you can use this Google feature right here in Google Dictionary home.The advantage with the extension is that you don’t need to leave your present webpage.I am using this extension on my chrome browser and I found it very useful.

Chrome Dictionary extension

Google Chrome dictionary extension got more customization options including default language selection,Pop-up Definition and  address bar directory. Change the options you want to use on your browser and click on save button to activate.

Google dictionary extension is one of the simplest dictionary extension trusted by millions of users world wide.Try it out in your Google Chrome Browser and let me know what do you think about this from Google.Leave your views with us.


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