5 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is the newest place where people with a common interest can get to know each other and share information about their hobbies and passion. An innovative social media, Pinterest lets you pin images to a virtual soft-board, which your followers can come and see. The boards are separated according to topics and categories such as car pictures, humor, or food.

The best thing about this site is that it is content based, which means that even if you do not know a single person on Pinterest, you can still follow thousands of boards and spend hours looking at pictures and images people have put up. However, if you are not satisfied with just enjoying other people’s pins and want success and popularity for your own Pinterest board, it will not do for you to be so passive in the matter.

Pinterest Followers

Pinterest can be used to publicize your online business, your website or blog, and any other service or product you want to sell. So it could be extremely crucial to your business for you to have a large number of followers on Pinterest. But the question is, how to get a large number of followers? Well, here we suggest 5 tips that can help swell your visibility on Pinterest.

1. Regular activity on Pinterest

The key to getting followers on any social networking site is to be active on it. Log in to your Pinterest account daily, check out the latest pins of your friends and the people you are following, make comments here and there, and put up a new pin once every few days, if it is not possible for you to pin every day. An active account stays visible, and people get interested to follow it as they are assured it won’t die out.

2. Following people

If you follow a person on Pinterest, they are notified of it, and there is a very high chance that they will visit your board. Then, because they like your content, or simply out of a feeling of goodwill, they will follow you. This is a common practice in blogging and twitter, and it is fast becoming a trend on Pinterest too.

3. Repinning interesting stuff

Repinning is a sure way to win followers. Users whose blogs you have repinned will appreciate the publicity you are giving them, and there is a good chance that they will follow you back. They could even give you some publicity on their board, which will send a lot of followers your way. But be sure to repin only those pins that catch your interest or amuse you in some way.

4. Linking to social media

Pinterest lets you link your account to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. So be sure you use these features and keep your Facebook and Twitter account connected to your Pinterest one. This way, if you pin something on Pinterest, your Facebook friends and Twitter followers are immediately notified. And they may visit your Pinterest page and follow it.

Pinterest Follower

5. Quality of your Pins

Ultimately, people are going to follow you only if they like what you pin. So try to pin pictures of very good quality, which will be of interest to other people, and which fascinate you as well. You can even do a search of the most popular topics on Pinterest, such as humor or food, and pin about them.

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