Google + Adds More Polish To Its Android App

Google + began its journey with a rather slow start, but we are glad to observe that it has seriously picked up pace now. Recently it announced updates to the Google + Android app, closely following on the heels of the updates on its iOS app.

The new update basically serves to revamp the existing Google + Android app. Like the apps on all other platforms, this app too suffered from the annoying problem of white space. The white space, basically a great deal of empty area in the Google + layout, really made it uncomfortable to use this social networking and feed site. Now, according to the new update, the ugly white space has been done away with, or at least reduced to a great degree. In addition , the size of the pictures in the stream has been seriously increased, so that they are now clearly visible even without expanding.


Basically, what Google has targeted by this update is that Android users should be able to enjoy a refined, polished Google + experience. Keeping this in mind they have designed the aesthetics, making sure the app looks pleasant to the eye, unlike previously when it was mostly an eyesore.

It is good to see that they have also kept user convenience on their agenda. Earlier when users launched their Google + Android app, they were brought to a screen that had a thinly populated menu and lots of white space, and users have been complaining that this is both depressing and inconvenient. Now, after the update, the user, upon launching, directly enters through his stream, and can open the side sliding menu by clicking on the house icon in the top right corner.


Google says it has undertaken these improvements to provide both ’polish and performance’ to its users, allowing them to make use of a ‘simpler, more beautiful Google’.

But we haven’t yet told you the most exciting part of the update, all the more thrilling if you are a fan of Google Hangout. As you probably already know, Google Hangout is a video chat service, but it is way better than the Gtalk video chat, because it lets a large number of people (up to ten of them ) use the video chat facility in a group. Also, since March this year, you do not even need a video camera to be able to use Hangout, you can even make phone calls from it. Local calls within USA and Canada are free of cost, and even calls to and from other countries are relatively cheaper.

So what does this have to do with the latest Google + update? Simply this, that now you can start a Google Hangout directly from your Android phone. Google Hangout has had mobile support for quite some time, but it is the first time that Android users will be able to start their own Hangouts from the navigation menu, instead of just being able to participate in other’s Hangouts.

So if you use an Android, be sure to check out all the neat features that Google + has just introduced. Download the app from here.

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