Finally Google + Goes Public ; Quick Video Guide

Google today announced that the new social network Google + came out of 90 days beta and today it is open for all. If you still not got an invite to Google+ yet, Go to Google Plus and just sign in with your Google account and experience the new social features.

Along with the public launch Google also listed out a whole bunch of features of Google Plus and Google expecting that these new features will really make new users excited about Google+ service.

Some of the new features in clued the search in Google +; this will allow Google+ users to search for content on the new social network. Hangouts on Air, Hangout on Phone is Google’s new video conferencing solution where Google + users can share their screens, share doodles/sketches.

Google Plus

Popular Google + Posts

Below we added a complete Video Guide to Google Plus

If you still thinking about where to get a Google+ account, Move on to  and open your brand new account.


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