How to Create a Custom Circle on Google+ and How to add People to Custom Circles

Google+ Circles allows you to group people in to different categories related to your life. In Google Plus there are various ways to create a new circle today I will be showing you the simple way to add a custom Circle on Google+.

 How to Create a Custom Circle on Google+

Step 1: Log-in to your Google+ account and go to the Circles Section of Google+ by clicking Circles icon in the top menu.

 Click on Google+ Circles

Step 2: Click on Drop Here to create new circle and after that click on Create a new Circle.


Step3: Now you will get a Popup window where you have to add the description of your new Circle.

Now you will get 2 Options to create a circle.One anEmpty Circleanother one filled circle. Empty Circle means a Circle that does not have any members into it andFilled Circlemeans a Circle with at least one member. Here I’m Creating anEmpty Circle.


Step 4: Once you click on “Create Empty Circle” Google+ will create new custom circle of your choice.

How to add People to Custom Circles

Step1: Log in to your Google+ account and click on Circles.

Step2: Now open on your custom circle and click on add new person.


Step3: Done! Type your person name or his email address in order to add that person in to your custom circle.

Once a person is added to one of your circle, you will receive instant stream updates from him on your Google+ profile.

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