Filter unwanted e-mails right inside Gmail

This post regarding the question asked by one of my friend last week.As most of you may be aware of the Gmail Spam technology it is one of the best in the market today.Gmail will remove any unwanted and suspicious spam mails automatically to Gmail Spam folder.Now a day’s the spam mails are getting smarter than Gmail Spam detection what will we do ?

Gmail got another option called mail filtering facility.You may be know this but most of the Gmail users not even tried it.You got different options to filter unwanted e-mails.All you have to do is select those mail which you not want to be in your inbox and click on down arrow on “more actions” tab just above your first mail.and then click on filter messages like these in more actions tab.


One new window will pop up just inline with your Gmail ,here you can add advanced filtering options


Once you finished click  next to proceed,here you will get 7 filtering options.Where you can delete,label and forward these type of mails.Select any suitable option and click on create filter.

choose gmail filter options

New filtering role will be applied in no time.Try it out and let me know if you have any issues.


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