9 Most Useful Smartphone Apps For Travelers

The travel bug has certainly caught on with the human race and today we can see travelers almost everywhere. The best part of this whole travel thing is that they are no more visiting places which come under the purview of “tourist places”. These travelers have “infiltrated” the un-orthodox places which till now were not known to have been under the radar of the tourists. For such “new age” tourists there are some applications which have been specifically developed, and the same have been detailed below:

Kayak (Blackberry, iPhone, Android )

This application is basically the mobile version of the website and it helps travelers by providing the best and the lowest possible flight rates and helps them book the same. One can also make hotel and other bookings using this application.

Press Reader (Blackberry, iPhone, Android)

While traveling this app keeps you abreast with the going on the world over by providing you with the digital version of over 2000 news papers and magazines. The best part is that the users can download their favorite newspapers and then read the same. One doesn’t need to stay connected to the internet too.

XE Currency (iPhone)

This is one of the most popular apps as it helps in easy conversion of the currency. It is equipped for providing multiple conversions at one go, which is very handy for the impulsive traveler. Also, for expat travelers who like making investments in different countries this app comes with program using which one can track the performance of different currencies over a period of time.

Google Translate (iPhone, Blackberry Android)

One of the best apps to have come out from the house of Google, this app is a “life saver” for travelers. One can type in any language (amongst the list mentioned in the app) and the same gets translated in the language as desired. This also comes with a voice which will read aloud the translation for you.

Snap shot Postcard (iPhone)

While travelling to various places one always wants to click pictures send these pictures back home as postcards. This app comes handy for such a process and one can send these digitally created postcards through e-mail.

Zipcar (iPhone, iPad, Android)

This app is useful for booking of car rental services around the world and helps one find the lowest possible rental service.

Motion XGPS (iPhone, iPad)

You can track your location along with getting the details of the topography of the place. One can use it to stay updated on the time zone, distance travelled and other relevant details about their trip.

Hostel World.com (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Best app for helping in booking of a cheap accommodation. The interface is very simple to use and is thus suitable for being used by your granny as well!

Food spotting (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Apart from providing with the best eating joints it provides with user reviews too. Thus, it would help you zero on the best dining spot around your area easily.

Times are changing are with the smartphones bandwagon and the travel apps it has become so easy for the travelers to make the best of their trips.

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