Best Sites To Create Custom Playlists Online

As you know, music has no borders and these days lot of tools available there to share your music interests with similar minds those you never seen before.Today we will share you some of these best tools out there to listen to music based simply on your mood.


Mixtape allows you to quickly and easily create playlists, save, and share playlists with anyone around the world. Mixtape also comes with one of the best playlist and you can easily drag and drop songs to your personal playlist.Recently I found Mixtape comes with improved and better drag drop feature,better search results, and more of a social flair.

Mixtape requires a username and password to get started.You can create your own membership for free in few clicks by entering your email address and custom password.You can share the Mixtape playlist with your friends and colleagues in different ways for example you can generate an email with a link to your custom playlist or you can get a shortened URL and you can tweet the list or even you can embed the playlist.



Yompie, is another favorite place for me. Yompie allows you to create playlists of your favorite Youtube video songs and you can view them in unique way. Yompie also allows you to shuffle or repeat songs or videos in your playlists. Yompie also require a username and password to operate.



8Tracks, is another best website to create playlists of your choice. 8Tracks comes with wide range of playlists with few tracks in each playlist.Signup with 8 tracks is simple and you can create custom playlist and even make a custom personalized URL. The created custom playlist can e easily shared via the URL or even you can use the share button to tweet it with your friends.



GrooveShark, is one of the best place we found so far to create custom playlist. GrooveShark comes with the best user interface out there to create custom playlist.Recently GrooveShark updated the media player to support more rich media formats.Now you can display or hide your queue by clicking the player and you can clear your queue quickly by using the Trash icon.

Some of the other features include the ability to easily vote for songs while enjoying any broadcast or radio and you can launch and edit your broadcast right from the player.


If you would like to go with GrooveShark, you need to signup using your email and custom password.The search box is one of the best part of GrooveShark. You can use the search-bar to type the keyword and Grooveshark will instantly brings up a neat row of thumbnails showing the song’s title, the artist and album art at the bottom of the screen.if you not find the exact track you are looking for you can drag and drop from the computer to GrooveShark interface.

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