Top 10 Great Sites To Send Free National And International Messages

It is hard to believe that barely ten or twelve years ago, mobile service in our country was a huge luxury, catering only to higher income people who could afford it. As college students, many of us had owned mobiles back then, but since incoming calls were chargeable, we kept them for use only in dire emergencies. The only free service we had was the technique of the missed call, where we could send simple yes or no type messages by the number of missed calls we gave on a number.

Times have changed a great deal in the last decade. Now, incoming calls are free in some networks even while in roaming. Outgoing is so cheap that you could talk to an outstation number for an hour for the same price as a packet of potato chips. But what has captured our hearts the most is the medium of Short Message Service, or text SMS. An SMS lets you get your information or sentiment across without having to disturb the recipient from their schedule. And SMS chatting is an incredibly easy way to have an informal conversation when you are in a public vehicle or on the road, and talking not feasible.

One major shortcoming of texting that we all face is the fact that an SMS is not really much cheaper than a phone call, unless you have purchased a plan. In fact, sending an SMS outside the country can be quite expensive. Also, typing out messages can be a pain, because you have to press keys multiple times or rely on the ridiculously narrow dictionary. Even users of Qwerty phones or touch screen phones have to type with the edge of their fingers.

For these reasons, I generally prefer sending SMS from websites that offer free SMS service. These let me type out my messages on my spacious laptop keyboard, and many of them allow me to write longer messages than the standard 160 character limit. Moreover, since the services are free, it relaxes the tension on my mobile budget every month! Here is a list of 10 excellent SMS sites that I use:

1. 160 by 2

If you need to send a large number of short messages daily, 160 by 2 is a great option for you. You can send up to 500 messages of 80 characters each every day.

160 by 2

2. Jungle SMS

Jungle SMS lets you send up to 50 free messages to nearly 180 countries in the world. Messages cannot exceed 150 characters. You are required to register your name before you can access the service.

3. Way2SMS

One of the most popular sites for sending SMS globally, Way2SMS requires you to create an account at the site. You can even send SMS to multiple numbers at once.


4. Jaxtr

Jaxtr lets you send messages to nearly 40 major countries for free. A great feature of this site is that the recipient can reply to your number directly.

5. BizHat

If you only need to send national SMSs and not international ones, BizHat is a great option for you as it lets you send SMS to all mobile numbers in India without exception.

6. Mjoy

Once you create your account at this totally awesome site, you can send an unlimited number of SMS to any mobile number all over the world from your own personal dashboard.


7. Indyarocks

The best part of this site is that it lets you schedule SMS for future dates and times. You can also send group SMS to anywhere in India.

8. SMScity

Every time you send an SMS from this site, you earn credit points which let you send international SMS when you have collected enough.

9. Free SMS Network

If you are tired of breaking up long SMS into 160 characters, you need to use the Free SMS Network website that is the only site that lets you send up to 197 characters in each SMS

Free SMS Network

10. Txt2Day

If you need to send SMS in a hurry, Txt2Day is ideal for you as it doesn’t make you register yourself or waste time filling in forms.


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