How to Convert USB Flash Drive in to Windows Vista or Windows 7 Bootable Setup Disk?

There are too many utilities out there when it comes to create a bootable USB drive. I hope you remember Last time when we showed you how to create Bootable USB drive for Ubuntu Operating System and this time we came with how to create a Bootable Windows Vista or Windows 7 USB drive.

Today we found another tool called “Setup from USB”. “Setup from USB”  is a freeware application more importantly it got a simple and easy to understand graphical interface. Please follow the below steps to Make your USB Flash drive in to a Bootable Windows Vista or Windows 7 setup Disk.

Step 1: Download the Setup from USB from here and Install it on your Computer.

Step 2: Now Open the Program and select the source file of your Windows Operating System and click on next.

 Windows 7-Bootable-USB

Step 3: Select the Disk which you want to make as a Windows Vista or Windows 7 Bootable Setup Disk.

 Windows 7-Bootable-USB-drive

Step 4: Tick format the drive and click on next.

Step 5: Preview the Summary and once you feel everything normal please click on the Start Button.


Your bootable Windows operating system USB now available to use. “Setup from USB” is around 2.35 MB in size and it need .Net Framework 3.5 on your Computer. Let me know “Setup from USB” worked for you or not!

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