How to move previous and next post link to left and right side of Thesis WordPress Theme

Are you using Thesis Theme for your WordPress? There are too many customization options available or Thesis. Today I will show you a simple way to move the previous post link to the left side and next post link to the right side on thesis theme. Same style we applied to previous and next post in our blog.

Step 1 : Go to your Thesis options and click on custom file editor.

Step 2 :Copy below code in to your thesis custom.css file and save.

* /Customize Thesis Previous and Next Links */
.custom div.prev_next p {

.custom div.prev_next p.previous {

You are done it.Now check out your post links at the bottom of your post content.Let me know you have any difficulty in adding code in to your Thesis Theme. I am planning to provide some free services for thesis and WordPress (Including customization,Installation,setup)with in couple of months. I hope most of the newbie blogger’s will get benefited from my free services.

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