How to enable HTTPS enhanced security on Facebook

Last time we informed you about Hotmail secured e-mail and Google secure search, this time we came up one more addition,it’s Facebook now. As you already know facebook is one of the most popular website and number one social network around the world and lot of personal information being handled by facebook server on Daily basis.

Facebook team recently introduced enhanced security with HTTPS option. Now you are safe even you login from a public computer. You can enable facebook HTTPS option in your account very easily just follow us.

Step 1: Log in to your facebook account

Step 2: Go to your Account settings


Step 3: Now click on account security and Enable HTTPS (Some users have to wait few more days to see this feature)

HTTPS on Facebook

Facebook added this security feature soon after the facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s (Facebook founder) Facebook account got hacked. Any way Good to see facebook users also getting some enhanced security features.

I hope it will be a good feature for facebook users and they are going to love it.