Now always use SSL encrypted connection with Hotmail

Microsoft Hotmail is continuously trying to dominate the market by adding new features to Hotmail.Now Hotmail support full secure socket layer technology,Means communication between your computer and Hotmail servers now encrypted always.Microsft Hotmail already have secure login facility but now they added full support for SSL encrypted conection.Hotmail user’s can use this feature  by logging in to secure hotmail at

Secure Hotmail

When you try to log in to secure website of Hotmail,It will show SSL enabling screen.Here you can select always use HTTPS if you prefer HTTPS secure connection for your Hotmail account.

Encrypted Hotmail

HTTPS always not prefered for those who are  using other Microsoft products like  outlook Hotmail connector,windows live mail and live application on mobile devices because enabling HTTPS always  may create some errors.

Switch to Hotmail SSL connection and secure your self online.Leave your experience with us.

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