K9 Web Browser For Android : Get The Web Content Filtered In Real Time

Mobile devices are coming as the primary platform for web access in all age groups and the Mobile internet usage trend is increasing around the world in a fast rate.The increase in mobile internet usage also bring lot of new threats including malware and  adwares that stole your personal info from your device with out your knowlege.In order to get the safe web experience on your device you need to have a quality webbrowser installed on your device.K9 Web protection is one of the best webbrowser and the first one of it’s kind that the parents can realy on.

K9 Web protection is one of the most powerful and secure way to browse the web quickly and efficiently from your mobile device.K9 Web browser is coming from the house of Blue Coat Inc, One of the leader in web security and Wan optimisation solutions.

K9 Web browser is coming with tons of features but the most highlighted feature I found include the real-time filtering of web content that is not appropriate for your children,including pornography, hate/violence, illegal drugs and gambling. 85% of the enterprise mobile devices are supported by Blue Coat K9 Web Browser,that will protect the the enterprise or the individual from malicious threats—including phishing and malware.


K9 Web Protection Browser is previously released for Apple iOS devices and today it will be available for Android devices too and 67% Enterprise users using the K9 Web Protection Browser on their iOS devices.

K9 Web Browser  is totally free for android,then why not give it a try ? If you wish to install the latest K9 Web Browser on your  Android device then you can do it from the Google Play store on your device or get it direct from here .

Please note , K9 Web Browser require android operating system version 2.3 and up on your device.

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