Top 7 Totally Awesome Instagram Web Apps To Play With

The Instagram photography tool has an enormous number of fans all over the world, who swear by its features, speed, and sharing options. As you probably already know, Instagram is an amazing app that that provides people one of the biggest sharing platforms, where they can share photos and look at photos taken by other people. The app is also great for taking photographs, applying digital filters to edit, them, and transforming them from ordinary images to works of art. It is no wonder that amateur photographers as well as professional camera wielders both adore this app so much.

Instagram photography tool

Instagram has a social network of its own, where people can join for the purpose of sharing and looking at amazing photos. But the app itself can be used only from your smartphone or tablet. It is available both for Android as well as iOS devices. This means that whoever wants to use Instagram on the web instead of as a mobile app is left in a lurch. Well, not really.

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Though there is no official way you can use Instagram on the web, there are a large number of sites that let you do so unofficially. Check out this list of the best of such Instagram sites currently available. Please note that you will need to sign in at these sites with your Instagram details, and you will have to give the sites access to your Instagram information. However, this access can be revoked any time.

1. Webstagram

Webstagram is a powerhouse of features. It may be a bit confusing for a first time user to understand what each menu tab does, once you explore around a bit you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. There is very little that Webstagram does not let you do with your photos.


2. Webbygram

Webbygram is not as feature packed as Webstagram, but it is much sleeker and easier to use. The pictures have to be seen by scrolling down. If you want to see the captions or like a picture, you will need to hiver your mouse over the picture for a few seconds.

3. Insta-Great

Insta-Great is a horizontal browsing site where you have to scroll sideways to see more pictures. The fun part is that you don’t even have to sign in to start viewing. The pictures tell you when they were uploaded and what filters were used on them.


4. Instagrid

If your biggest regret is that you are not able to share your Instagram pictures with your family, friends, potential employers, or use them to impress your love interest, simply because they don’t have an Instagram account, the Instagrid should help you. It gives you an URL that you can share with your non-Instagram friends, and visitors can subscribe to your RSS feed.

5. Extragram

If your pleasure in Instagram is mostly looking at and admiring other people’s pictures, check out this website that lets you browse through without any need for signing in. The pictures are large and easy to view.


6. Pinstagram

As you can guess from the name, this site combines the features of Instagram and Pinterest, two most popular image sharing medium. You can share your Instagram by pinning them on a board that’s just like Pinterest.

7. Statigram

If you feel helpless and handicapped without a huge deal of statistical analysis for your Instagram popularity, Statigram is just choc full of stats for you. These stats help you undertsnad how successful you are as an Instagram artist.


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