How to enable hibernate option in windows 7

I think most of you aware of hibernation facility in windows operating systems.In windows xp it is so easy to enable or disable hibernation but in windows 7 it is not so easy.

You may be noticed that in power options ,there is no hibernate tab in windows 7 but you can enable hibernation from the control panel advanced power settings .

Work out below steps.

Step 1 : Go to control panel and click on power options

Step 2 : Now click Change when the computer sleeps and you will get a new window with option to choose sleep and display settings.

save power options in windows7

Step 3: Click on Change advanced power settings.Now a new power options window will pop up.

Power options windows 7

Step 4 :Now expand the sleep option and you will get a hibernation tab with an option to set the time.Change this from never to what ever period you like.

sleep mode in windows7

I hope you will try for sure.Leave your windows 7 experience with us.


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