Xbox 360 Got Silent Update

Microsoft just pushed out a silent update for Xbox 360 consoles to fight against pirates. Microsoft pushed out this update without user consent also many Xbox users still not aware of this Xbox 360 update. As per the reports it looks like this Xbox 360 silent update will prevent users from playing pirated games on their console.


This Xbox 360 silent update will change DAE.bin on the Xbox 360 consoles to work with the AP 2.5 disc protection technology. When any user try to play any pirated games on their console will get their console get flagged and in later stage a chance of complete console ban similar to one that we found back in 2009 where many Xbox Live accounts got banned for playing pirated Halo Reach game on their console.

I hope you will share this info with your Xbox 360 friends so that they can aware of the new silent update.

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