Microsoft going to add disposable email feature to Hotmail

As you know Microsoft is adding more features to the Hotmail, last time we informed you when Microsoft added HTTPS always to Hotmail.This time they are going to add five extra e-mail addresses attached to users primary Hotmail account.

There are too many users online they don’t want to disclose their web identity, Most of these people now using different email addresses for sign up in forums and other websites. Once Microsoft launches this disposable email feature on Hotmail, users will be able to sign up without revealing their online identity.


Let’s go through the words of Windows Live director Dharmesh Mehta about the new features.

“Let’s say you’re in the market for a new car. There are a bunch of websites that will email you price quotes, sales alerts, etc. During your car search, these messages are helpful, but once you’re done, they become clutter that can be difficult to stop. By using an alias on these websites instead of your main email address, you can avoid this.”

Any way Happy to see Microsoft is always trying to add new features to their web mail.What do you think ?Is is a Good feature ?

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