Microsoft Windows 8 Ready To Launch?

The biggest leap in the history of windows is on the way .The next Microsoft operating system expected to be released on end of 2011.Rumors are there on technology websites that it will be named Windows 8.Expecting that Windows 8 operating system will be 128 bit compatible. Microsoft increased their profit with the release of Windows 7.Windows 7 comes out to be the highest revenue making operating system for Microsoft; it is the best operating system ever builds by Microsoft.

windows8 released

The success of windows 7 operating system put Microsoft to workout new ideas to enhance the windows experience which leads to the New project code named windows 8. Microsoft set a 2012 mid release plan for windows 8 but rumors are there that the proposed windows 8 will be launched in quarter 2 or 4 of 2011.

Cullen D introduced a video concept for future generation of windows –code named Windows 8. The concept video created based on windows 7 it seems to be interesting.

Everyone expecting a mid blowing Windows 8 to be released soon.

Update on 3/04/2012 : After the successful release of developer preview version of windows 8,  Microsoft released the consumer preview version of windows 8 operating system few weeks before and we are expecting the stable channel release in second or last quarter of 2012.

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