How to Change System Sound in Windows 7

System sounds in Windows system got certain sound for certain events.I hope you are aware of windows default sounds.Today we are going to change these default sounds in windows 7.

First of all you need to access your system sounds by going through  Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound.Now Sound window will open up in your windows 7 system.

Windows 7 sound

Now click on sound tab and you get too many sound schemes there.You can change the entire sound scheme or the individual one’s from the drop down list.Select the sound scheme and customize the sound from sound drop down menu.

Windows 7 sound styles

Windows Allows you to test the sound by clicking on the test Button located near to the sounds drop down menu.With Windows you can customize further by uploading your own sound files.You can use the browse option near to sound drop down menu to upload your own sound files.


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