How to Remove Pre-Installed Games on Windows 7

Windows 7 coming with 13 quality games and there are some parents and some crazy persons who want to remove the default games on Windows 7. Wondering !  Why Parents want to remove Games on Windows 7 ? Because parents don’t want their children to be sit in front of their computer always for playing games.

If you believe the games are not for you just follow our steps to remove it from your windows 7 computer.


Step 1: Go to the start Menu and Type “APPWIZ.CPL” and click Enter.


Step 2: This will open a new window same as below.Click on turn windows features on or off.


Step 3: Now windows 7 features window will popup. Now un-check the check box beside “Games” Option and click OK.

Windows 7-Features-window

Now you have to wait for few minutes that windows will make changes to your computer.


You are done! Let me know this tip helped you or not ?

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