Add Classic Windows XP Log In Style To Windows 7

Few days before few of my friends suggested me to put some tech tips on  windows 7.So I am planning a series of post related to windows 7 only. keep in touch with me and my blog feed if you have any question please let me know.

Most of the windows users are bothered about the security because of the loop holes in windows systems. Windows is so simple to operate and so simple to break. If you add classic log in style before your normal login I am not promising you that you are secured. It will not ensure a maximum security but you can add one more layer of security to your system.

To add your classic style to windows 7 just go to start, Type “netplwiz” on search box and enter .One new window will pop up named user accounts.

NETPLWIZ_windows 7

Click on advanced tab and tick mark “required users to press ctrl+Alt+Delete” click apply

check out how it works by restarting your windows machine.

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