How to go permanently offline in facebook chat

Today is new year and I hope all of you may be enjoying new year somewhere around the world.Today I came with a simple and effective tip for new facebook users.

Facebook is one of biggest social networking site and still growing in fast phase,thousand’s around the world joining facebook on daily basis. By default facebook will show all your online friends in facebook chat window near lower right corner we will show you how to go permanently offline in facebook chat.

Step 1 : Log in to facebook and go to facebook chat in lower right corner.

Step 2 : Click the chat icon in the lower right corner and click on “options” to select “Go Offline”

facebook options

You done it with in seconds.Now no one from your friends list can send any Instant message to you when you are in offline mode .This settings will be saved for your future facebook sessions,means you are permanently gone offline in facebook chat.


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