How to enable video chat in Facebook

Guyz I am just updating this post today because facebook just announced official video chat feature to all user accounts.check out our new post  how to enable official video chat feature on facebook. if you want to test the older method you can do it by reading below.

We all call our nearest people  in our facebook friends list  whether its  friends,co-worker or relative,now we can make video calls to all our relatives,colleagues,friends on facebook. Yesterday during my regular internet browsing I came across one application named facing call for facebook.The application looks interesting.With facing call application you can  make video calls to your friends in facebook also we can make new friends who use the same Facebook application.

We got some other video calling applications before  for facebook but I think this one looks worth installing.I think a unique way to make video call from facebook.

How to install it ?

Step 1 : Log in to your Facebook account

Step 2 : Search for “facing call” Application on the search interface or You can install it from here ( Update ! App now removed- Check for other apps ).

Step 3 :Now Click on go to application and now it will ask you grant permission.Click on allow to install the application.

Facing call

Step 4 :Facing call application now look for your installed webcam and microphone on your system  click allow to grant access to your system devices.Now the application will be installed with in seconds.

facing call app for facebook

The default interface in facing call application make you video call to your friends and collegues.Application got Friends and Random tab on the top.If you click Random then the application will search facebook for friends who using facing call application,Making it easy for them to get new friends.

facebook video chat

I hope you will check it out in your Facebook account .Share your experience with us in our comment section.


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