Windows 8 Consumer Preview Will Be Available From Feb 29th Onwards

Windows 8 finally coming out from the developer preview. This February 29th Microsoft will push out the consumer preview version of windows 8. The windows 8 developer version given lot of promises on the next stable version of windows operating system and the consumer preview will bring most of them.

Windows 8 consumer preview will not be coming with the traditional Windows Start button that is introduced 15 years before. The latest leaked image of the Windows 8 consumer preview version build 8220 confirmed the reports. Microsoft not confirmed that it’s going to be the end of start button on windows; if there is high demand, Microsoft will reintroduce the start button.

Windows -8-Consumer-Preview

Microsoft  superbar introduced with windows 7 OS will still remain in the consumer preview version of windows 8.This will allow windows 8 users to pin the desktop application sand more importantly it will act like a shortcut dock for the desktop mode.

Windows 8 consumer preview coming with lot of pre-installed applications for the first time. The applications will be Camera, Messaging, Mail, Calender, Skydrive, People, Photos, Videos, music etc. Interestingly these applications will be updatable from Microsoft store.

Let’s wait until Feb 29th, May be Microsoft will be bringing lot more surprises this time!

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