Switch to Bing search engine and get valuable gifts

Bing trying new and innovative ways to competite with other search engines like Google and Yahoo.Google is the biggest player in this category with over 60% of market share.Bing still trying to increase their popularity by giving free credits to Bing users.Bing users can redeem this credits to Valuable Rewards through Rewards redemption center.

Bing Rewards is one of the new program that gives you opportunity to earn bucks while you search and explore online.One of the other program I found similar to Bing Rewards is SwagBucks-the industry leader in this category.Presently Microsoft  launched only a preview version of Bing Rewards and at the moment it is available to US residents only.We can expect an international role-out  in weeks.

Microsoft Bing reward program allows you to redeem your Bing credits to Microsoft points,charitable donations, gift cards, and many more

To use Bing Rewards you have to download Bing Toolbar.You can download it right here.Presently the Bing Reward program supports Internet explorer 7 and above on Windows XP with Service Pack (SP2) 2, Windows Vista ,Windows 7 only.

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