7 Good Reasons Why You need To Put Images In Your Blog

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you will have realized that apart from their content, what attracts you to certain blogs and make you indifferent to others is the use of images.

Blogs today are no longer the cut and dry factual articles that they used to be in the past. Blog writers now pour their whole souls into their writing, and each of their posts reflects their opinions, their stand on various controversies, and their uniqueness in every possible way. So it is only natural that the look of the blogs should also stand out in the crowd.

If you visit say a hundred blogs today, and all of them are well written, my bet will be that the ones that will latch on to your minds, and that you will remember to visit again, are the ones with the best and most appropriate images, even if perhaps there are other websites with even better written content. So if you are writing a blog, do not underestimate the power of the images, because it is pictures and not words that people notice first and that make the deepest impression.

Here are seven reasons why it is imperative that you include images in your blog.

1. Images make your blog easier to read

No matter how brilliantly witty or intensely deep your writing is, ultimately, it is a block of text, and sooner or later your readers’ eyes are going to start streaming. Your blog is not a book, pictures and colors are not going to make it look childish. Rather, your readers will thank you for breaking up the text in readable chunks with the use of attractive and interesting pictures that will make it far less monotonous.


2. Images help you build your brand

It is unlikely that a casual visitor will remember the name of your blog among thousands of other blogs. The memory of the average human being has a far greater retentive capacity for images than for words. So it is essential that your blog’s banner, or the background, has a unique image that reflects your writing style and also gives an idea of what you are writing about. The more unusual and eye catching image you use in your banner, the more likely it will be remembered.

3. Images help set the mood for your readers

Before they even begin to read what you have written, readers will absorb the images you have attached to your post, and this will help them understand what the piece is about and will let them decide whether they want to read it at all. If you are writing about a person or an image, a well positioned picture will tell your readers all they need to know about your post. Besides, a tasteful picture is the difference between a dull post and a riveting one.

4. Images help your blog stand out in social media

There is a very good chance that you are publicizing your blog on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. In such a case, remember that users of social networks are exposed to a huge number of links every day, and it is not probable that they will pick yours over all the others unless a really interesting picture catches their eyes and makes them click on the link. Relevant pictures let potential readers figure out at a glance which articles they want to read, and also increases the chance that they will share your link and help you reach a greater number of people. Who knows, a great picture could even help your post go viral on the net.


5. Images help you promote your products, services, and events

Not all bloggers write for the joy of writing, several are trying to sell their readers something or the other, or are giving publicity to an event or an organization. If your blog is selling a product or a service, images are the best way to find potential buyers. Use attractive images of your product or service (you may have to use a bit of imagination to depict a service) and you will have visitors making a beeline for your site straight from search engines.

6. Images make your blog more accessible to all sorts of readers

Unless your blog is focused on regional matters, you must keep in mind that you are keeping your content open for all sorts of readers, from all parts of the world. If your blog is not easy to understand for those who are not fluent in the language you are writing in, or are somewhat unfamiliar with your culture, you lose a huge chunk of readers by default. Images go a long way to bridge the comprehension gap, and make those who are not comfortable with your language feel straight at home.

7. You can use screenshot images for training purpose

The function of a lot of blogs is to explain to their readers how to do stuff on their computer. You could be showing them how to beat opponents in a game, or teaching them how to use an obscure app, but whatever your topic, it is incomplete without screenshots of every single step. An instructional post without screenshots is like a dance or exercise manual without pictures; no matter how thorough your text is, your reader will still feel confused. Screenshots let your reader compare what is happening on their computer to what you say is supposed to be happening. It makes them feel they are on the same page as the blog writer.

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