Why you choose AdSense for Search in your WordPress blogs

I hope you are aware of Google Adsense,may be use are using Google Adsense for content on your blog to make money online but what about Google Adsense for search ? If you not tried Google Adsense for your search,Here comes the three important reasons Why you should try google Adsense for search on your WordPress blog


1.Make money with Adsense for search

I think this is another way to make money online from your blog.Putting adsense on your search will definitely increase your earnings.

2.Send traffic to your own sites

Adsense for search is a good option to get some good traffic to your new blogs that are still struggling for traffic.Wnen any site visitor searches on your blog they  will get search results from your targeted blogs.

3.Less chance to lose your visitor’s from your blog

If a new visitor coming in to your blog and assume he search for any term where the search results will de displayed ?In Adsense for search you can choose whether the search results on Google and your own site.Making  this option to your site Adsense search will help you not lose any visitors.

Are you still not using Adsense search on your blog ?


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