How To Get Rid Of Key Logger In Your System

So, this is the second post of the series How to find whether there is a Key logger in your system. In the first post we explained how to find whether there is a key logger in the system and in this post we will explain that what you should do if you find any key logger in your system.

Having a key logger in the system possess a very serious threat to the security of your personal details such as email accounts and their passwords, facebook account login details, bank account details, since it saves the record of any button that you press on your keyboard.

And not only that, it secretly sends all this data to the Hacker who has created the key logger in an encrypted way so that no one can catch it. So, now the biggest question is whether there is any way to get rid of these key loggers? Well, the answer is YES. Even though getting rid of them is a difficult process, but its not impossible either. So, here is how to do that.

Install a good Antivirus Program and Make a full scan of your computer

So, the first thing you should do is to install a good and reputed antivirus software. You can select either the free or paid antivirus as per your budget. But make sure that the antivirus program is updated. Now make a deep and full scan of your PC and see whether your antivirus detects any.

DON’T install Pirated Software

Never install Pirated software at all. The hackers implement their key loggers in the pirated software so that when the user downloads and installs the software, they get installed automatically in their system. So strictly say NO to pirated software if you do not want a key logger in your system.

Always Download freewares from Trusted sites only

You love to play with freewares? Fine. But always be aware that many hackers pack their key loggers with the freewares so that they get installed automatically when you install the software. That’s why never download freewares from an unknown site. Always download software from trusted sites such as Filehippo, because they keep only safe softwares in their list.

So, by following these ideas you can get rid of the key loggers in your system. Do you know any more effective way to do this? Please drop your views in the comments section below.

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